About Carding Mill Wellness CENTRE

The Best in Acupuncture Treatment and Massage Therapy

Located in The Preserve community (North Park Blvd. & Carding Mill Trail) Carding Mill Wellness Centre offers the best in acupuncture treatment and massage therapy.

Medical acupuncture can be used for promotion of health and well being, prevention of illness and disease, and treatment of various medical conditions. Acupuncture is often associated with pain control, but it can have a much broader application.

We Offer Quality Services in Oakville

Are you looking for traditional healing methods, including herbology and massage therapy ? Oakville T.C.M. Rehab Centre offers all this and more. 


Amazing staff. One of the best massages I have had, already booked an appt to return.


Manoj S.

Got a massage there last week, I had back pain and I felt so much better after 2 days .the place is nice and clean and the customer service was great! they took me in right away when I called for an appointment .ill recommend this place to everyone! will come back for sure!


Jie Fan

Satisfying work, felt they really do a good job, they even went 10 minutes overtime for a thorough treatment. sweet and efficient, caring and professional.


Karuda Fi

Really enjoyable experience, after a few treatments I was sleeping much better and had less pain in my neck. Thanks to TCM!


Matt O’Leary

The staff were very welcoming and made the entire experience comfortable. The massage was amazing, the masseuse was pleasant and communicated well to determine specific areas that I wanted worked out, as well as ensuring the massage was comfortable. I would definitely recommend to give them a try, I will certainly be returning.


Robb N.